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I had been suffering from horrible allergies for the past few years.  Itchy nose, runny nose, itchy eyes, it was virtually debilitating.  I had to constantly pinch my nose. I tried every medication such as Claritin, Zyrtec, Benadryl, and several others, anything I could get my hands on but nothing worked for me.  Finally, I went to see an allergy specialist, best in his field, and was prescribed Nasonex, a nose spray.  It worked great for about 2 years, but as of last year, that also stopped working. 


Feeling frustrated and miserable, I decided to see Dr. Sun and give eastern medicine a try since  western medicine just was not working for me any longer. He took a very detailed medical history, and asked about my day to day habits/activities.   Dr. Sun then prescribed some herbal remedies for me, and I took it diligently with his detailed instructions, and it helped me tremendously!  He followed up with me to make sure my body was responding, and made adjustments accordingly.


Not only did he relieve me of my immediate discomfort, he has taught me that my body can fight the allergens that surround us everyday if it is properly balanced.  I have been taking his prescribed medicines now for  a few months, strengthening my immune system so that my body does not react so violently anymore. 


He has showed me the importance of maintaining the wellness of my whole being, and not just treating the superficial symptoms. Its a great thing to be able to enjoy the outdoors!


Karen C.


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

After three weeks’ treatments using TCM herbal medicine, the following statement was sent to the acupuncturist Tzyhyuan Sun by the mother of a young patient, a 7-year-old boy who was diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder): “I've been wanting to email you this past week, but wanted to wait a while longer to see if the behavioral changes is "permanent." The biggest change that I've noticed, and perhaps the best one, is that he is smiling a lot more. I get to see his smirks, his joy, and his happiness at being a child. Before, it felt like he had a huge burden on his shoulders, that he was a grown up trapped in a child's body.  Now he is free to be a kid!  When I pick him up from school, I'm greeted with a smile, not a pissed off face. He doesn't take things as seriously as before, and he can now take a joke.” 



Knee Pain and Swelling

Please accept this much belated thank you note for helping me eradicate my knee pain. 


I have suffered excruciating knee pain for a few months. After seeing my primary physician who prescribed a strong pain medication, I decided against taking it. The painkiller only dulls the sensation but does not really address the root of the problem. Besides, stomach irritation usually accompanies the pain medication that was prescribed for me. 


When you first suggested acupuncture, I seriously was skeptical. However, after only a few sessions, the acupuncture alleviated the pain and swelling. Most amazing was the visible size difference of the knee, before and after the treatment. How I wished I had taken a picture! 


In addition to the acupuncture, you have also instructed and educated me on the possible causes of the knee pain based on my medical history. It was very thorough. Now, I have learned immeasurably more than ever before to take better care of my body.


Truly, I am grateful that I am able to walk for miles with ease now. Thanks for converting a skeptic into a believer in acupuncture! Wishing you continuing success in this endeavor,


Linda C. W.


Jaw and Sinus Pain

Last year, after a bad cold, I somehow developed excruciating pain on one side of my sinuses. At first, I thought it was an infected upper molar. My dentist, however, believed it was a sinus infection, and suggesting seeking medical attention with my primary care doctor. My doctor prescribed antibiotic and pain medications, and referred me to an ENT specialist. Upon further investigation by the ENT specialist, who couldn’t find any sinus infection, he referred me to a dental surgeon to check on a possible tooth infection. After two dental surgeons’ extensive x-rays, no infection was found with any of my teeth. Five medical professionals and many tours of their facilities later, the pain hadn’t subsided a bit. My wallet, on the other hand, was much lighter.


My wife suggested seeking help from Dr. Sun. After learning about my symptoms, he told me that my weakness in “Qi” had affected the flow of it in my body. He prescribed herbal Chinese medicines for my seemingly incurable ailment. Without much other option, I reluctantly gave it a try. After only a week, the pain had eased considerably. I was encouraged by the result, and continued with the treatment. I was pain-free after 4 weeks.


Thank you, Dr. Sun!


Sam W.

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