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About The Acupuncturist

Tzyhyuan Sun, L.Ac., R.A.

MOM, Dongguk University Los Angeles

MSAAD, Columbia University
BArch, Tunghai University (Taiwan, ROC)

With the application of varieties of treatment modalities in Traditional Chinese Medicine, as a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist Tzyhyuan has been focusing his practice on helping patients regain vibrant health through restoring their inner harmony and balances. Rather than simply meeting pains and symptoms manifested with head on confrontations, his usual treatment strategy is to place equal emphasis on having problems resolved at the root - disturbed balances found in, and among various systems within a patient. This approach usually leads to longer lasting treatment effects as well as re-initiation of a patient’s self healing process.


Tzyhyuan is also a licensed architect, and had practiced architecture for many years prior to his becoming a full time TCM practitioner. During the years when matters involving architectural design were his primary concerns, he always kept with him a copy of “Inner Classic” – the ancient classic which lays the foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Through his years of practicing architecture and researching TCM, he has cultivated some precious insights into how our built environments can affect our mental and physical well being. These insights have led to a deeper understanding of fundamental theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine in which human beings are a microcosm of its space-time environemnts.


In addition to the degree of Master of Science in Oriental Medicine, Tzyhyuan graduated with the honor of Excellent Internship Award from Dongguk University Los Angele, where he had received many awards for his academic achievements throughout the school years. Also, for many years he has supplemented his study with private tutoring under a master herbalist who has over 40 years of experience practicing herbal medicine. Along with his academic and clinical training, Tzyhyuan has been practicing meditation and qi-gong, which he discovered and started practicing in his early 20’s. With guidance from his master teachers, he still maintains his practice well into present days. These practices have enabled him to see much clear how unchecked mental unease and emotional turbulence can result in physical discomforts and pains, as well as how our well being can be achieved and maintained by restoring and cultivating the harmony within.

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